December 9, 2021

Sunglasses were invented decades ago and have become a part of everyday life for many people. Due to the exposed working conditions of men to sunlight, sunglasses for men have become more widespread. The use of sunglasses eased many problems and allowed people to work better. Today, several brands are producing a wide variety of sunglasses with various features. Due to this abundance, it is necessary to choose the right one as per personal requirements. In Australia, working in the summer comes with severe risks. One of which is the damage to the eyes due to UV radiation. This problem can be eliminated by using quality sunglasses. People also use them as an accessory for fashion. In both cases, it is significant to look for some features,


Features to look for


  • UV protection: UV lights are not healthy for the eyes. Long direct exposure to UV light can cause severe eye problems. It is estimated that in the clear summer season, Australia experiences 15 per cent more UV radiation than European countries. The near equator positioning of Australia with clear weather conditions are the primary reason for this increase in radiation. Thus during summer, people working outside quite often use sunglasses for protecting their eyes. There are several manufacturers of sunglasses for men with higher UV protection ratings. These sunglasses are a must in many large organisations undertaking construction works.
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  • Glare reduction: Unlike UV, light glare does not affect the eyes directly. But it can often cause accidents due to the lack of good vision. It affects the most during nighttime rides. Even though there are several state and national laws on headlight usage at night, they are not always sufficient. The light from the incoming vehicles can cause gare by refracting in the windshields of the car. This problem is highly irritating, and this condition can cause severe difficulties with safe driving. The glare can also occur during the morning and evening sunlight. So using quality sunglasses with glare reduction can help in safe driving.


  • Bluelight shield: Blue light emission from electronic displays is a severe problem in the contemporary world. The blue light emitted from the displays can cause a lack of sleep and, thereby depression-like, problems. It is a growing concern for children due to the increasing screen time. Using sunglasses with a blue light filter can eliminate this problem. These glasses are highly recommended for people who use laptops and other similar devices all day.


  • Design and material of make: These are passive constraints of selecting the right sunglasses. Different manufacturers use their ideas and material combinations to make it different from competitors. Thus multiple sunglasses can look and feel different. Glass sunglasses are heavier but will not get scratched easily. But glass sunglasses tend to come at a higher price due to the manufacturing process. Also, the chance of breaking is higher with glass sunglasses. Polycarbonate sunglasses are the best option for people looking for high impact resistant sunglasses. These are much cheaper than glass sunglasses but can get easily scratched. One another advantage of this material is that it is lightweight. The acrylic material can give more clear vision than the polycarbonate material. But the advantage comes with a higher cost of the material.
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  • Polarised vs non-polarised: By changing the design features of the sunglass, we can make them polarised or non-polarised. The polarised sunglasses can eliminate the glare and can show true colours all the time. This feature is beneficial in bad lighting conditions. On the other hand, non-polarised sunglasses can eliminate glare, but there is no true colour feature.

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