March 13, 2023


Graham Evans, a British businessman, is known for his wealth but also for his mysterious low profile. Not much information is available about his net worth and how he acquired it. However, there are a few known facts about him which can help unravel this mystery.

Who is Graham Evans?

Graham Evans is a British businessman, born in Manchester in 1947. He started his career as an apprentice at a textile company before moving to London to work for a property company.

Evans’ Business Empire

Graham Evans is the founder and chairman of Evans Property Group, a real estate company that owns and manages various commercial and residential properties across the UK. The company has been successful and has made significant profits over the years.

The Mystery of Graham Evans’ Wealth

Despite his success, not much is known about Graham Evans’ net worth, and he never appears on the rich lists published in the UK. Some have speculated that his wealth may come from smart investments, others suggest that it is a result of his property development business, while there are also rumours about his involvement in other industries.

What is Evans Property Group?

Evans Property Group is a real estate company that specialises in property development, property management and investment. The company has been in operation for over 35 years and has significant experience in the UK property market.

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The Secret Behind Graham Evans’ Success

Evans’ success is largely attributed to his keen business sense and astute investments in the UK property market. His ability to identify opportunities and invest in properties that show potential for growth has been a significant factor in the growth of his company and the increase of his net worth.


Q1: How much is Graham Evans worth?
A: The exact net worth of Graham Evans is not known, as he does not appear on the UK rich lists. However, it is estimated that his wealth is in the hundreds of millions of pounds.

Q2: What businesses does Evans Property Group own?
A: Evans Property Group owns and manages various commercial and residential properties across the UK.

Q3: What is Graham Evans’ educational background?
A: There is no information available about Graham Evans’ educational background.

Q4: What industries is Graham Evans involved in?
A: While Evans’ primary business is in the property sector, there are rumours about his involvement in other industries.

Q5: When was Evans Property Group founded?
A: Evans Property Group was founded over 35 years ago.

Q6: What is the secret behind Graham Evans’ success?
A: Graham Evans’ success can be attributed to his keen business sense, astute investments, and ability to identify opportunities for growth in the UK property market.

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Q7: Why is Graham Evans’ net worth so mysterious?
A: Graham Evans maintains a low profile and never appears on the UK rich lists, which makes his net worth a mystery.


Graham Evans’ wealth is an enigma, but his success in the UK property market is undisputed. His ability to identify growth opportunities and make astute investments sets him apart from other businessmen. While he may be a mystery to the public, his business empire continues to grow, and we can only speculate about his net worth. Nevertheless, it is clear that Graham Evans is a successful entrepreneur who has made a significant impact in the UK property market through his company, Evans Property Group.

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