February 10, 2022
jeg empty 8 - Top 5 Best Home Automation Companies In India- Your 2022 Guide To Automation!

As time changes, there are many changes that are taking place, even in the world of real estate. And, what better to start building your house with, other than – automation! 

With more real estate seekers now becoming aware of energy consumption, this trend of automation switches from what it was for “ease” and “comfort” to a major need and concern, especially in India. 

But what to choose and whatnot, from whom, becomes important to discuss and be aware of. To help you out, we have curated a list of the top 5 top home automation companies in India. 

These are a combination of home automation companies that came up with great products to help best fit the requirements of Indian homes. Ranging from thermostat sensors to smart lighting, the markets of India are filled with some of the best products, ready to use. 

Let’s get started, shall we?

Top 5 Best Home Automation Companies In India

Listed below are the top 5 best brands for home automation that you could consider when planning on making your Indian houses ‘smarter’ and ‘upgraded’

  1. Schneider Electronics

One of the best names that you can think of when thinking about automation companies is Schneider. This is a global brand that is extremely popular in India, especially known for its energy-converting and sustainable smart products. 

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Schneider comes with numerous products of home automation, including some of the best home security devices. Adding to this, the other home controlling devices that are offered by Schneider include dimmers, lighting controls, and others controlled via mobile applications. If you choose to pick Schneider as your home automation partner and purchase a complete package considering the requirements, the engineers would come by to help you install your automation product. 

  1. Philips

The most known name that has been around for a longer time, Philips is home to most Indians. A household name, this home automation company entered their home automation space just some time back and has gained popularity instantly, all thanks to their reach and brand value.

Ranging from app-controlled devices to a complete set of home lighting solutions (this includes smart LED bulbs), Philips has also launched a wide range of automation products in home appliances and lighting, most used in the homes of India. 

  1. TIS Control

Best known for their best and most affordable home automation solutions, TIS Control-our one of the best home automation companies, bags over 100 wired and wireless products in this niche. 

Ranging from dimmers, shades, curtains, and projector lift motors, TIS is a brand that has been able to gain its prominence- also due to its simple setting and DIY programs.

  1. Legrand
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One of the top automation companies in India, Legrand is continuing to gain popularity in the home automation category all across the world. The company is known for its vast range of brands that help them expand its product catalog. 

Not only that, but Legrand is also counted as one of the oldest electrical companies that have recently switched towards sustainable electric infrastructure. To name some of the Legrand automation products, there are smart plugs, video-door phones, sockets, UPS, motion sensors, etc.

  1. Crestron

Crestron is yet another name on our list that is a veteran brand, especially in the home automation category. Acquiring most awards, accounting for the ‘Human Interface Product of the Year’ award for their Wireless Horizon Keypads, this is a name to look into. 

Most of the products from Crestron are used in high-residential complexes, this also includes Mark Zuckerberg’s smart home. Not only him, but the popular names also include Richard Branson and Donald Trump.

To Conclude

We hope that the blog post above has helped you pick your best home automation company, that too, from a list of the top-performing brands. We recommend keeping your needs and requirements noted and then tallied with the automation company that suits you best. 

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Happy Automation! Be smart, install smart!


  1. What is the approximate cost of home automation in India?

The approximate cost of home automation in India can range anywhere between Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 4 lakhs. This depends upon the size of the house you acquire.

  1. What is the best home automation system to opt for?

The best home automation system truly depends upon the basic requirements, as well as, on your budget. 

Here are a few best home automation companies that you can opt for in 2022:

  • Schneider Electronics
  • Philips
  • TIS Control
  • Legrand 
  • Crestron

For more information on these, make sure to refer to our blog post above.

  1. Why is Crestron – a home automation company so expensive?

Crestron home automation company is a brand that controls numerous brands with multiple devices without any issues to pick. Also, its user interface could be customized, that is best, serving specific needs. 

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