August 26, 2021
2 11 - Top 6 Tips for PTE Test Day. Adapt Them Now
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I have an exam, and I am very excited about it –this is what you might hear once a century time.

But ‘I am nervous and scared for my exam’ is something you hear from every second person taking an upcoming exam. This is a widespread scenario with the PTE Test takers.

For some, it’s insufficient preparation; for some, it’s the exam phobia, and for many, the anxiety and nervousness do the damage. And the test-takers fail to perform as well as they could have, if not these hurdles.

PTE Test day is the day that sees a major of such incidences happening. If you ask ten students coming out of the PTE Test room and have not taken the exam well, they will answer that ‘I got nervous.’ And it’s not that you do not know that this might happen on the exam, but still fail to prevent the damage.

Here are six tips from the PTE Experts that work for you along with a good PTE practice:

1. Proper Rest

Revision, this is what most of the test takers keep on doing for hours a night before the PTE Exam. But it’s hazardous. Your eyelids might be shutting down in the exam room if you have not taken enough rest. Restlessness affects your concentration, and you might forget points that could have helps you score better. So, getting proper rest and sleep of at least 8 hours is essential for you before taking the test.

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2. Stay Anxious. But do not let it overpower.

Staying anxious keeps you alert. And more alertness better the performance. Get butterflies tickles is expected when you face an exam of PTE level. But you must not let the anxiousness overpower you and your focus. You might get distracted, and the negative thoughts might start popping up, which only escalates fear in you. And remember, exam fear is your biggest enemy. Stay confident physically and psychologically. It might not improve your performance to an extent but surely will not let the negativity overpower you.

3. Pluses and Minuses

One who knows his strengths can fight any battle, but one who knows his weaknesses will never lose one.

And you wouldn’t want to fail the PTE Exam. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses depends on your PTE practice. If you take up a scored test or a mock test with timely evaluation, you might clearly define your strength and weaknesses. At PTE Tutorials, the experts suggest you follow the test-practice-test method. It helps you start preparing as per your strengths and weaknesses right from the beginning, and after a time interval when you analyze them, you can track your progress. Focus on improving the weak areas and polishing the strong areas.

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4. Tick Technical check

Do not complain about scoring less in the PTE Exam, especially in the speaking section, and blaming the microphone for not letting your answers get appropriately recorded. You are the one to blame for it. As soon as you are sitting in the exam room, you need to check the microphone and the headphone. And if you find them not working correctly, report it to the examiner and get them replaced. Crying later for the same only will be an excuse.

5. Trail the clock

There are specific tasks in the PTE Exam that will consume a lot of your time if the time is not tracked. For example, once you start answering the describe the image, or retell lecture, you might consume a lot of time. The worst part is that you cannot carry forward or borrow the time. You need to answer the tasks in the stipulated time frame. So, keep track of the time.

6. Know where to dig

Most of the PTE Test takers neither learn in the PTE practice nor are informed that there are 11 integrated tasks contributing to the score of more than one enabling skill. If you know them earlier, you can spend time preparing for them. 

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With years of experience and helping thousands of students clear the PTE Exam, the PTE Tutorials experts have developed specific methods and strategies to improve your PTE Score. Do not only learn them but also learn how to apply them with the professional’s guidance. And for additional practice, you can also download the PTE Tutorials comprehensive mobile app.

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