March 25, 2023


As a blogger, it is essential to craft attention-grabbing blog titles that hook readers from the first glance. An eye-catching title not only attracts readers, but it also helps your blog rank higher on search engines like Google. The title is crucial because it acts as a gateway for your readers to get curious about the content of your blog post. However, creating click-worthy titles that rank on Google takes time, skill, and research. In this post, we will explore seven tips for crafting headlines that are both attractive and SEO-friendly.

1. Use Numbers and Lists

When it comes to crafting click-worthy titles, numbers and lists are among the most effective strategies. It’s best to place the number at the beginning of the headline as it immediately catches the reader’s attention. For instance, ’15 Ways to Enhance Your Blogging Skills in 2022′ tells readers what to expect from the content and makes it easier for them to identify the benefits of reading your blog. Lists in headlines are attractive because they promise helpful information that can be quickly consumed.

2. Be Descriptive

Your title should not only be attention-grabbing but also descriptive. It should accurately reflect the content of your blog post, so readers know what they’re getting into. Avoid vague and misleading headlines that might result in high click-through rates but low engagement. Use adjectives to describe your content and its intended audience. For example, ‘Easy Tips for Beginner Bloggers to Boost Their Organic Traffic’ is both descriptive and specific, capturing the intended audience’s attention.

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3. Choose Keywords Wisely

One of the most critical steps in crafting click-worthy titles is choosing the right keywords. Research the long-tail keywords that your target audience frequently searches for and incorporate them into your title. This strategy will not only help your blog rank higher on Google searches but also help you increase your organic traffic. Use tools such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner to identify the right keywords. For instance, ’10 Best Writing Tools for Freelance Writers’ includes the long-tail keyword ‘Freelance Writing Tools.’

4. Keep It Short

A title should not be too long as it loses the reader’s attention and gets cut off in search results. Aim for a title length of no more than 70 characters or less. Short titles can convey your message straightforwardly, making your blog easy to identify and find. However, it’s critical to note that character count only determines how much of your title is visible on search results. Thus, focus on quality rather than the length of your headline.

5. Incorporate Emotional Triggers

Incorporating emotional triggers into your blog titles can make them catchy, appealing, and elicit a specific action from readers. Emotional triggers sways readers and encourage them to click on your blog. You can invoke emotions such as anger, surprise, curiosity, or happiness through your headline. For instance, ‘The Shocking Truth About Fast Fashion and Its Dark Impact on the Environment’ triggers readers’ curiosity, making them eager to know what the shocking truth is.

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6. Avoid Clickbait

Clickbait has negative connotations in blogging, and it can affect your authenticity and level of trust with your readers. Avoid using clickbait titles that promise something other than the content of your blog. A clickbait title might attract readers, but it increases your bounce rate and negatively affects ranking. Instead, focus on providing accurate and informative content that delivers on the promise of your title. For example, ‘5 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block’ is accurate and delivers on its promise.

7. Test Your Titles

After crafting your blog titles, test them before publishing. Use A/B testing to identify the headline’s effectiveness by comparing two variations. For instance, publish two versions of your title and track their performance, decide which one has a more significant impact, and use that title for your blog post. Testing your titles helps you understand what your audience responds to and what interests them.


Q1. Why are click-worthy blog titles important?

A. A click-worthy title attracts readers, increases engagement, and also helps your blog rank higher on search engines.

Q2. How long should a blog title be?

A. A title should be no longer than 70 characters to avoid getting cut off on search results.

Q3. What should a descriptive blog title include?

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A. A descriptive blog title should include information that correctly reflects the content of the blog and its intended audience.

Q4. Why should I avoid using clickbait titles?

A. Clickbait titles have negative effects on your authenticity levels and can negatively affect your rank and engagement.

Q5. How can I test my blog titles?

A. Use A/B testing to compare the effectiveness between two variations of your title.

Q6. How do emotional triggers enhance click-worthy blog titles?

A. Incorporating emotional triggers into your blog titles makes them catchy, appealing, and elicit specific actions from readers.

Q7. How many keywords should be in a blog title?

A. A blog title should contain one long-tail keyword and its synonyms, to avoid stuffing the title and making it unclear.


Creating click-worthy blog titles is crucial to attract readers and rank higher on search engine results. Use the above tips to craft headlines that are both attractive and SEO-friendly. Remember to choose keywords wisely, use numbers and lists, be descriptive and straightforward, incorporate emotional triggers, avoid clickbait, test your titles, and keep them short. A well-crafted title is an essential gateway to your blog content so readers mustn’t be too misleading. Keep these tips in mind when creating your next blog title, and you’ll generate more traffic, engagement, and long-term value from your content.

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