October 1, 2021
Top Methods to Convert OLM files to PST - Top Methods to Convert OLM files to PST

Microsoft offers Outlook for Mac and MS Outlook to enable Exchange connectivity. Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows have similar user interfaces and work processes. Outlook for Windows stores user mailbox data in a PST file (OST when connected to Exchange). Outlook for Mac, however, uses OLM files to store user mail data.

What is the difference between OLM file vs PST File

MS Outlook for Windows supports PST and OST files. Outlook stores data in PST format when Outlook is configured using POP3 accounts. Outlook, however, stores data in OST files if Outlook is used offline with an Exchange account. Outlook for Mac, however, stores data in OLM format.

Why Convert OLM to PST?

Outlook for Windows doesn’t support OLM files. To access OLM files in MS Outlook, you need to convert OLM into PST, then import the PST file into Outlook for Windows. If a user wants to move from Outlook for Mac to Outlook For Windows, he will need to convert OLM files into PST. These are the most common scenarios that OLM to Outlook PST conversion is required:

  • The user is switching from a Mac system to Windows. They must switch from Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows. OLM to PST conversion is therefore necessary.
  • One temporarily uses a Windows computer at home or in the office. He must convert OLM into PST to access Outlook for Mac emails.
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DIY Methods to Convert OLM to PST files – Here are the top 4 steps for users to convert their OLM files to PST.

1. Register for an IMAP account

    1. Click on to open Gmail or another webmail. Settings
    2. In Settings, select Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab
    3. Check the status of IMAP. If it isn’t enabled, then Enable IMAP and Save Changes.

2. Configure Outlook for Mac using an IMAP Account

    1. OpenOutlook for Mac
    2. Navigate to the destination page: tool Tab and select Accounts.
    3. Choose Now Email
    4. Enter your email address, email id, password and Other details.
    5. EnterIMAP server
    6. Choose and make your choice SSL connection
    7. Along with SMTP serverAnd465Enter a port number and click
    8. Register for an account

3. Configure Outlook for Windows with the Same IMAP Account

    1. Open Control Panel Select Mail>> Email Accounts>
    2. Choose manually configure the server settings, Then click Next.
    3. Select IMAP/POP settings, then click Next.
    4. Click on the button to enter your IMAP account credentials, Incoming and Outgoing server information, and click Next More settings.
    5. Click here Advanced Tab and Enter the 993 Port number in the select IMAP server. Choose and make your choice SSL Connection.
    6. Enter the port number SMTP serverAs465SelectSSLClick then connect OK.
    7. Click on now Next, and It will take you a while to click Finish.
    8. 3rd Party Tool to Convert OLM to PST
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A stellar converter for olm is an excellent tool for converting OLM files to PST. This software allows you to convert OLM files directly to Outlook PST. You can also export OLM files to Exchange server, Apple Mail and Office 365. This OLM-to-PST Converter is the fastest and most accurate way to convert OLM files to PST.

Stellar Converter for OLM – Steps to Convert OLM files to PST files

All individuals who need to migrate from Outlook for Mac to MS Outlook will find Stellar Converter for OLM useful. If you are a non-tech person, you can easily use this software as it is so simple and self-explanatory. The procedure for converting an OLM file to a PST data file is outlined below.

  • To start process, you must first download the software. After the installation is complete, the software interface appears, with the following prompt to select the mailbox (OLM).
  • In addition to the ‘Select Mailbox’ button, you’ll notice the ‘Find Mailbox’ button, which you can use to locate a specific OLM file among other files on your system.

NOTE: As we already know that the programme is built for Windows. Before converting, firstly copy the OLM data file and move it to the system at the software is installed.

  • For conversion you must choose the OLM file and proceed.
  • After the first step conversion is complete. Now you may view the mailbox that has been converted to a PST file. Components like Contacts, Calender, Inbox, Tasks, notes and all the mail components are viewable now.
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NOTE: You can only see the subject line and read the message content if you are using the demo version of the programme. The complete version of the software is required to preview the ‘To’ and ‘From’ fields.

  • The converted mailbox can now be saved as a PST file. It’s also possible to save it as an MSG or EML file.
  • When saving as a PST file, one useful alternative is to save the resultant data file as a new PST, where each mailbox may be saved as a separate PST or all of the mailboxes as a single PST. It can also be appended to an existing PST file.


You can convert Outlook for Mac, OLM or PST manually using any of the methods in this article. These methods require access to Outlook for Mac or Windows and an active Exchange/IMAP email account. These methods can take hours, or even days, depending on how many emails you have and how fast your internet speeds are. These manual methods can also be prone to data inconsistency or loss. When Mac users move to Windows, they might want to convert OLM files to PST. You can convert OLM files to PST easily stellar converter for OLM. Administrators and techies around the world recommend Stellar Converter for OLM software to convert OLM to PST. This OLM to PST converter tool is 100% accurate and maintains mailbox integrity.

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