February 16, 2022
jeg empty 10 - Top Sites and Apps like Mp3juices to download and Listen to Music

Music is the go-to stress buster for a lot of people out there. A lot of research substantiates the fact that listening to music on sites like mp3juices stimulates mental relaxation and helps you from stress. There are a lot of platforms out there such as spotify, mp3juices, amazon prime and so on using which you can easily listen to music out there. Each of these music streaming applications and websites has its own pros and cons however if you are looking for the best and the cheapest option to download and listen to music uninterrupted and for free then mp3juices is the best option out there. A lot of the sites out there offer free music but they compromise in a particular aspect. For instance, Spotify offers free music to its users; however, the major issues of Spotify are the ads and the lack of offline music for its users. In order to gain access to offline downloaded music and cut down on the annoying ads that pop out after each song, the respective user needs to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription fees in order to avail the services of Spotify premium.

Pros of mp3juices

As summarized in the above section there are a lot of pros and cons of various music streaming services. All the cons which have been mentioned for these streaming services are covered very well by the features provided by mp3juices. Firstly, this particular forum has no registration processes whatsoever. Most of the top music streaming services have a long and tedious registration process that asks the users for a lot of personal information. However, in the case of mp3juices, this does not happen. You are simply required to open the website, input the name of the song you intend on downloading and you’re good to go. Secondly, this particular forum does not have any sort of subscription fee to download and listen to music offline and uninterrupted. Most of the streaming services provide free service but with a limited number of features in it. For instance, if we look at Spotify or Apple Music, both of these sites on paper are free to use. But when the user tries to gain access to offline streaming of music or accessing every song of artists on the respective application or try to stream the music offline, the music streaming application or website will ask for a subscription fee which is quite hefty. But this issue is solved with mp3juices since you can download music and listen to it offline and without any interruptions as well. You will get access to music for a lifetime and you will not have to pay a penny in order to access it, whenever you want. In case you want to listen to music offline especially when you do not have a data connection by using mp3juices you can do so easily if you have downloaded the music in advance.

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Best Place to Listen to Music for Free


Spotify is one of the most popular and famous music streaming services out there. Spotify offers a free streaming option for users as well. There are a lot of features in Spotify which excites a lot of users. For instance, you can share your playlist with others in order for them to listen to your favorite songs. It also has a feature wherein you can shortlist the songs you wanna listen to later just like them and there will be a separate column of liked songs displayed for you to listen to later.  You can also organize a spotify space where you can invite your friends and all of you can listen to songs together. The major con about this particular application and website are its annoying advertisements. With every song, there is an annoying ad which pops out and you will have to listen to it without any option. There is also no option for free users to gain access to offline music streaming. You will have to pay a subscription fee in order to gain these benefits.

2.Amazon Prime

This is another good music service application. This is not exactly free, since you need an amazon prime subscription in order to access it. But in the case you or any of your friend has an Amazon Prime subscription then in that case you can enjoy the music for free in this application. Amazon Prime lets you download the music in order for you to listen to it online. They also have almost all the famous artists and songs to begin with. A lot of upcoming artists also release their songs exclusively up on amazon prime in order to incentivise users to join the platform. The only major con of this particular forum is that you need to have an Amazon Prime subscription in order to gain access to this particular forum. The curated playlists by the respective application are also not that good and a bit outdated for users to listen to. So in the case you have an amazon prime subscription already, you can definitely use this application or else there are better options such as mp3juices to use.

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3.Apple Music

This is also one of the most go-to and preferred applications for listening to music for free. The best part about this application is its user interface in Apple Phones, tablets and laptops. The UI is extremely easy to use and understand. It is very simple and minimalist which makes it easy to operate. The playlists being curated by Apple are also very good, since they use Artificial Intelligence to detect and monitor the playing and music choices of the user and create a personalized playlist for them to listen to and explore new music. The major con about this is that it is quite a bit costly in case you want to avail full features of the application. Plus the apple music application for android phones is very buggy.

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