August 23, 2021
Understanding green beauty - Understanding green beauty

If you are reading this book, you are most likely open to exploring alternative ways of treating your skin and hair. Good for you! In fact, it’s good for all of us. The world of natural beauty is full of amazing discoveries that will keep you wondering how you could have used synthetic chemical skin care for so long. And as you learn the price you’ve been paying for conventional skin care, you will no doubt belonging to know if there are any alternatives.

Green Beauty Decoded

Today, many people associate “green” with eco-consciousness, sustainability, organic farming, chemical-free foods, and low-emission vehicles running on biofuels or electricity. In beauty, green means understanding nature and the human body as a whole, improving your looks naturally and holistically, and abstaining from synthetic, hazardous chemicals.

Shades of Green Beauty

It’s not uncommon to find labels such as “organic,” “hypoallergenic,” and “cruelty-free” attached to your favorite skin care products. But when you buy green cosmetic products, it’s hard to tell whether the word “organic” on a label is a genuine claim. Green claims sound reassuring, but you should be warned that too often they have little, if any, meaning. More often than not, closer inspection reveals that such products contain minuscule amounts of organic herbs, and the rest of the bottle is filled with preservatives and chemicals.

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The advice in this chapter will help you understand which natural cosmetics on the market really are what they claim to be and which are hyping their products as something they’re not. Here are some tips that may help you buy green products that are truly green, not just colored green with synthetic dyes.Read more about Tamilmv


When you see a product guide, simply choose the product that suits your needs most or mix and match as you feel. Whether it’s a cure for limp locks or split nails, you will find green and safe solutions for all of your beauty needs.

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