August 5, 2021

A person always strives for the best. No matter how beautiful and luxurious the apartment, country house, dacha are, we will find something to remake. In the end, it never hurts to simply update a boring interior. Everyone wants to make their home look beautiful and clean. It is home that we strive after a hard day, only at home we can truly relax and unwind. Furthermore, obviously, everybody needs to make their home extraordinary and as agreeable as could be expected.


Expanding the usable space for lodging and diversion is one of the undertakings of the engineer of any country house project. In one-story houses, this issue rises most intensely and powers us to search for non-standard arrangements that will give extra living space. At the same time, it does not play a special role, what is the initial volume of the structure – be it 100 sq. meters or 300 squares.


To calculate the square footage of your house, you can calculate it with an online square footage calculator. It will help you to calculate in an easy way.


The desire to make the most of the cottage space is inherent in every developer.


The InnovaStroy company, which has been building cottages for many years, can provide various options for increasing the living space of houses, based on the world and domestic practice, technical features of the building, and its own experience.


How to increase the living space in a one-story house? 

Single-level bungalows have a few highlights that have impacted their fame among clients. Simple utilization of any room without the requirement for steps. Just as the capacity to totally detach the structure from meddlesome eyes with the assistance of green spaces. One-story bungalows give more protection and a significant degree of solace for relatives, all things considered, – kids and the older.


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The increment in living space makes it conceivable to make single-story protests in practically any region – with various reliefs and measurements. 


Furthermore, The most well-known approaches to extend space are:


  • The utilization of the underground piece of the structure and the gadget of the cellar floor, or a prepared storm cellar; 
  • Drawing in under-rooftop volumes or changing the math of the rooftop to make a few extra rooms;
  • The preferred use of houses that are close to a square (sqft calculator) or rectangle in terms of plan – this avoids the appearance of “blind zones” or structures that occupy a useful area;
  • The game plan of patios and verandas for the expulsion of some useful regions outside the house. 


The depicted strategies have their positive and negative sides, which should be considered when making project documentation. The best solution would be to consult with our specialist who is able to provide several options for increasing living space, based on practical considerations, and not on popular advice from glossy magazines.


All things are under consideration, neither the upper room nor the view of the cellar level is as undeniable floors, and consequently, they are not dependent upon tax assessment or exceptional development prerequisites. This isn’t motivation to settle the score more benefits from a sensible and upgraded expansion in living space.


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Ways to increase living space: in detail about each –

Above, we have listed the main directions in which you need to move. If you want to expand the usable space in a country residence. It should be noted that almost all finished projects of houses and cottages presented in our catalog can be revised or changed based on new requirements. Before you begin examining plan documentation with a designer, concentrate on every technique all the more genuinely.


Increase in living space due to the attic floor 

The most popular and widespread way of expanding the internal space of a cottage. Which practically does not affect the structure of the building as a whole. In a few cases, just a slight expansion in the point of tendency. Or an adjustment of the math of the rooftop is essential to let loose more space inside the upper room. Simultaneously, the monetary factor stays the primary factor influencing the prominence of this strategy. Since the loft and its game plan don’t significantly influence the last assessed cost.


Regardless, this strategy for extending the living space is good for one-story houses. No different either way, all things considered. While making a material pie, a ton of protection, hydro, and fume protectors are utilized. So why not increment their number by just 20% and prepare a made region for various rooms! It merits recollecting that inside beautification likewise doesn’t need any extraordinary instruments and materials. Particularly on the off chance that you pick a traditional peak rooftop with loft sides. Indeed, even with a mind-boggling rooftop shape, space can be effectively assigned to coordinate rooms, dens, workplaces, or some other room.


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