August 3, 2022


Viewing your favorite TV programs and sitcoms is never the same after DTH (Direct to Home) arrived on the Indian shores. No wonder every household boasts a DTH connection to access various TV channels according to individual preferences. However, timely recharge ensures that your experience continues uninterrupted and you do not miss your viewing pleasure.

Unlike earlier, multiple digital recharge platforms make your life easier without the hassle of physical effort. Thus, let us explore more about the digital payments ecosystem for DTH recharge.

Understanding digital payment platforms

Though the digital payments system has been functioning in the Indian financial sector for a long time, the recent pandemic has been a game-changer. Accordingly, banks and Fintech companies have launched mobile apps offering payment solutions and various financial services. Moreover, the apps are convenient as the Smartphone is an essential item in daily life and have primarily replaced digital payments over the website due to their easy access.

How does online DTH recharge work?

The arrival of recharge platforms matches the popularity of digital payments embraced by individuals in day to day life. While you can recharge on the DTH service provider portal, mobile apps are far more convenient than the banks and Fintech websites. All you need to do before DTH recharge is install the app’s Android and IoS versions from the PlayStore and start transacting anytime, anywhere.

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However, the payment wallet to route quick and safe transactions is central to DTH recharge. In addition, wallet recharging is uncomplicated through debit, credit cards, net banking, or directly from the linked account.

What is the online DTH recharge procedure?

By now, you have enough insight into digital payment solutions. So, let us look at the steps for online DTH recharge. Accordingly, let us consider Tata Sky online recharge as they are the pioneers in DTH services, boasting a vast clientele with a pan India presence. Moreover, they are now operating under the brand Tata Play, and you can recharge at their website, app, or mobile apps of banks and Fintechs that offer the service. So, let us check them individually.

  1. On the website:
  1. Tap the recharge button on the Tata Play dashboard to continue the process.
  2. First, log in with your subscriber ID or registered mobile number and enter the recharge amount. It is important to note that you pay for the channels you subscribe to from the long list for varying periods from one month to one year.
  3. Enter the amount and choose exciting offers from payment platforms or specific cards.
  4. Pay the DTH recharge amount using the available payment options, including wallets, cards, net banking, or pay later, as convenient.
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  1. On the payment platform app:
  1. Open the suitable mobile app and tap the Recharge and Bill Payments button.
  2. Next, tap DTH on the recharge dashboard and choose the DTH operator from the dropdown menu.
  3. Enter the recharge amount
  4. Choose the payment method, including cards, net banking, and many more.
  5. Authorize the payment using the two-factor authentication to add to the wallet and then complete the payment and recharge with your selected DTH operator.

In both cases, you will receive a “success” notification in your email and the registered mobile number.


Benefits of online DTH Recharge on digital payment platforms:

1.      Free Transactions:

Your digital payment platform does not recover any transaction fee for DTH recharge. In addition, you can pay flexible amounts for an extended validity.


2.      Exciting Discounts and Offers:

Depending on your platform, you can apply promotion deals or choose exciting discounts on your DTH recharge, like you get on MobiKwik. Accordingly, you can save the maximum possible with options like cash back, super-cash, or discount coupons.


3.      Safe and Secure Transactions:

You opt for the Tata Sky online recharge at the payment platform not only for its convenience and quick transactions but also for the inbuilt security. The payment gateway powering the payment platforms ensures adherence to strict SSL protocols for fast, safe transactions and stored data integrity. In addition, the recently introduced tokenization technology further bolsters the security of financial transactions.

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4.      DTH Recharge across all operators:

Your favorite digital payment platform is a one-stop destination for all your recharge needs. Accordingly, the platform offers DTH recharge across all operators like Tata Play, Airtel DTH, Dish TV, and many more. Moreover, you get access to exciting offers regardless of the operator.


5.      Timely Reminders:

The payment platform stores your vital information for future transactions. In addition, it uses the stored information to send timely DTH recharge reminders alerting you in advance to avoid default, heading to disconnection, and penalty for renewing the subscription.





You can use the DTH recharge facility at your favorite digital payment platform like MobiKwik on the same friendly interface as all other utility bill payments. The process is seamless, quick, and safe, with offers for saving money on the money spent. In addition, you can access multiple payment methods to suit your preferences. The primary route is the digital wallet allowing tracking of your transaction history with a few clicks. Finally, the security protocols at the platform conform to international standards making your sensitive information safe from prying eyes.




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