August 13, 2021
high-risk pregnancy

Women have to take care of their eating habits and daily lifestyle during pregnancy. Pregnancy can be normal or abnormal. And it depends upon your daily routine. Many of you (women) face low risks in your pregnancy while some of you have to face a high risk in your pregnancy. Pregnancy with high risk is not a good sign for both – you, (mother) and your baby. Here are some causes/factors of such type of pregnancy:

1) Age-related issue

After the age of 35, women may have to face pregnancy with a high risk. At this point, the health conditions of women are not similar to their 20’s or 30’s. Age plays an important role to make your pregnancy easy or tough for you because:

  • After 35, the number of mature eggs decreases in women.
  • At this age, women are not physically able to deliver a healthy baby without any further medications or treatment.
  • They need extra care and treatment to complete their pregnancy.
  • The quality and quantity of mature eggs decrease after the age of 35.

2) Daily Lifestyle

Your daily routine or lifestyle is one of the important causes behind a pregnancy with a high risk. Smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs causes a high-risk pregnancy in women. These items include lots of calories and enhance the circulation of blood. By using these harmful components, you will have to face a negative impact. And your baby too will bear this impact.

causes a high-risk pregnancy
causes a high-risk pregnancy

3) Other Health Problems

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If you are suffering from other health problems then you may have to face pregnancy with a high risk. These problems can be high blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes, obesity and much more. Here are some important points in this context:

  • These types of problems can cause pregnancy with high risk.
  • Asthma, infections, heart-related problems and epilepsy are the other health conditions that can cause pregnancy with high risk.
  • Make sure to examine your body during pregnancy. In this way, a doctor can determine the health problems.
  • In such conditions, you must visit the best gynaecologist hospital.


4) Complications during Pregnancy

Several complications may arise during pregnancy. These complications can hurt your pregnancy. Here are the examples of health problems that arise during pregnancy:

  • Preeclampsia: – It is a kind of syndrome that involves high blood pressure, urinary infections and fluctuation of blood levels. Preeclampsia can harm your kidneys, brain and liver. During pregnancy, it may be harmful to both baby and mother.
  • HIV/AIDS: – In such a condition, the cells of your immune system can be damaged or killed. HIV stops your body to fight against infections, bacteria and certain cancers. If a pregnant lady is HIV positive then she may give it to the baby also after or during her pregnancy.
  • Gestational Diabetes: – It is a kind of diabetes that can be found in only a pregnant lady. By doing the right treatment, you can also get rid of gestational diabetes. 
  • Preterm Labour: – In this condition, the baby is undeveloped and it starts before the 37 weeks of pregnancy. Your doctor will follow treatment to stop this pain so that you can birth a healthy baby.
  • Other medical conditions: – Other health problems like kidney and heart problems, high blood pressure, etc are also creating complications during pregnancy. That is why; it is essential to perform a body checkup before or during pregnancy.

5) Numerous Pregnancy

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Pregnant women, who are carrying multiple pregnancies, can cause high-risk pregnancy. It is a very critical situation for women and babies. A doctor also has to perform treatment carefully while giving birth to a baby.

6) History of Pregnancy

The symptoms of your previous pregnancy may also affect the next pregnancy. If you had any health-related issues during pregnancy then you must talk with your gynaecologist for better assistance. Here are the examples of pregnancy-related problems:

  • Hypertension
  • Preeclampsia
  • Premature birth


In case of pregnancy with high risk, women should consult a doctor first. It is a very critical situation for every woman and it requires medical help. By consulting with your gynaecologist, you can easily get rid of the above problems. Also, don’t depend upon only prescribed medications. Try to do something at home also to avoid these types of situations. If you can change your daily lifestyle then you can reduce the chances of various health problems.

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