March 4, 2022
jeg empty 3 - What Is A Digital Blood Pressure Monitor & How To Use It: A Must Read

According to the experts a digital blood pressure monitor is battery operated and includes a case that has an on and off button in it. However, there are other machines that have a preset switch and memory button in it. Basically every BP machine differs from each other and is available in different designs with various features. Apart from that the medical equipment consists of a display that shows the systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and the pulse. This machine is available with an I am cough that comes with an air tube and an air jack the importance of both these parts cannot be ignored because the cuff is connected to them only. A regular blood pressure machine is designed by the experts for a circumference of twenty two to thirty two centimeters. Moreover, it measures 14x 48cm. If we talk about large cuffs, they have the ability to measure an arm circumference of thirty two to forty two centimeters. The normal size of these cuffs is 16 x 65cm.

Basically, a digital blood pressure monitor is a semi-automated, Easy to use and a lightweight machine that is used by patients to monitor their blood pressure levels. It is a medical equipment that measures blood pressure in the right manner. In addition to this, it also measures the pulse and makes sure that the patient obtains the right reading.

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Taking into account the readings, there are some blood monitors that have wireless capability. It is because of this feature that the readings can be transmitted straightaway to a personal computer and a mobile phone. With that being said, let us now understand how to make use of a cuff blood pressure monitor.

Using a Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

When we talk about how to use a BP monitor the exact method of it depends on what type and brand of the machine you purchase. As a very common guide below are the listed steps one is supposed to be following while using the machine.

  • Before starting to use the machine make sure that it has functioning batteries.
  • Now inside the air tube from the calf to the air jack in the right manner.
  • Switch on the button and you will notice that a light is displayed on the screen for some seconds. Later on all the symbols will be disappeared and the only one that will be available will be the air release symbol. Once the self test of the machine is over you will see a heart symbol on the screen which means that the machine is ready to use.
  • Now take the golf and place it around your arm. After you place it make sure that the cough is closed with the fabric fastener.
  • Press the start button. Once the right target age is raised you will notice that the air is released and the number that is present on the display screen will decrease. Once the BP monitor finds out the pulse, a heart symbol will be seen on the screen and there will be a buzz of sound.
  • Once the machine has provided the readings, you will see that the diastolic and systolic readings will also be present on the screen.
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Follow all these instructions when using an automatic blood pressure machine and acquire accurate readings.

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