March 20, 2022
jeg empty 8 - What Is First Party Data and How Could You Use It to Your Advantage?

Intelligently using online data is one of the big reasons for successful marketing in the digitized business environment. In fact, marketers regard data as the most powerful asset that facilitates decision-making in organizations. However, all the data that you scrutinize are not the same.

First-party data refers to the information that a brand or organization gathers directly from their audiences or customers through interactions. This data reflects valuable information on website activity, purchase history, demographics, mobile app data, interests, and interactions. Based on such inputs, marketers can craft their strategies to optimize revenue or conversions.

On the other hand, second-and third-party data come from other sources and not from your audience, and this type of data is much less valuable, since you’ll usually have to pay for it. Hence, first party data is the way to go.

One of the most effective ways to collect first-party data from your customers is to monitor and incorporate analytic tools across digital functions like community chat and blogs. Professional service providers such as Viafoura significantly help businesses by letting th integrate and manage these powerful features on their websites to capture first-party data. Visit this page to know more about the live chat feature.

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 Why do marketers value first party data?

First party data is the information that you collect on a first-hand basis without involving any other parties. Once you integrate the live chat feature into your website, analytics can scan through the conversations to generate intelligent insights.

This information can reveal crucial details on the buyer’s behaviour or what your audience expects from your brand. In the process, marketers can craft their upcoming strategies strategically.

It makes sense to count on first-hand data due to its authenticity and the fact that it can be acquired so easily. Here’s why marketers value first party data:

  • Better data quality and accuracy
  • Making informed decisions while targeting
  • Better performance and ROI
  • Better attribution or measurement

While client feedback, surveys, CRM, and membership data offer first-hand insights, monitoring live chat and other audience activities on your platform can be another great way to assess your audience’s likes and preferences.

 How can marketers use first party data to their advantage?

As much as 88% of marketers prioritize collecting first party data. This is because this data reflects your audience’s online behaviour, desires, and insights. Check out how you can capitalize on first party data and use it to your advantage.

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1. Craft personalized online experiences

Marketers habitually strive to enhance the online experiences of their customers. Gathering first-hand data happens to be the first step in crafting this experience. Once you get to know their desires, ideologies, and preferences through live chat features, it becomes easy to personalize messages for them. First party data fosters better 1:1 business relationships, and by using it properly, you can strengthen your brand value.

2. Segment your customers

Collecting first party data empowers brands to segment their customers accurately. Each category of customers manifests a particular type of behaviour. Accordingly, marketers need to approach them strategically, prioritizing their interests.

After analyzing your conversations through live chat, you can get better insight into their purchase interests. Accordingly, you can craft personalized texts for your campaigns and target multiple segments simultaneously to strengthen your marketing efforts.

3. Benefit from authentic data

Regardless of the size of your campaign, you can target your customers better with first data at your disposal. While second and third-hand data coming from external sources has its uses, they lack reliability and come at a worse opportunity cost.

  • Marketers can scrutinize live chats to obtain insights in an unaltered form. This transparency and authenticity with data goes a long way towards making your campaigns successful.
  • First party data is more relevant to your business because it provides direct insight into your existing audience.
  • Using first party data is cost-effective – there’s no need to purchase second or third-party data when you leverage the information that’s readily available on your platform.
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4. Collect data in adherence to GDPR and CCPA

Respecting prescribed industry norms such as GDPR and CCPA while collecting first party data should keep your marketing efforts clear of any trouble. Since you know exactly where the data originated, you can confidently target your users without issue.

Due to the existence of the compliances, marketers often face hindrances in harvesting online data from external sources and using it in their campaigns. By using first party data, you can remain well within the GDPR and CCPA requirements by letting your audience know that you gather information from the platform and use it towards market insights.

5. Customized onboarding

Most marketers know how challenging customer acquisition can get at times, and that it comes with its own associated costs. Currently, successful brands are using first party data to craft personalized onboarding programs for various customer groups.

By closely scrutinizing the data, you can determine if they prefer certain products or make specific purchases. Depending on the situation, you can make strategic marketing decisions to customize their onboarding process.

The first impression is important to every brand, so you need to personalize your communication strategies to enhance the customer experience and catch the attention of first-time visitors accordingly.

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6. Using unique data

Having access to valuable data that your competitors don’t is one of the prime benefits of taking the time to obtain first party data through analytic tools. This data is valuable and comes at almost no cost, and is uniquely beneficial to your marketing efforts since its derived directly from your existing customer base.

Using this unique data is one of the best ways that you can solidify your brand as an entity that sets itself apart from others.

7. Retaining loyal customers

Loyal customers often turn into brand advocates with the right kind of nurturing on your end. By capitalizing on first party data, you can prioritize the preferences of your loyal visitors to ensure they stay with your brand and continue to return to your platform.

First party data ensures better contextual targeting and enhances the effectiveness of the campaigns for every segment of your customers. This makes it much more likely that you can adjust your content and offer your existing audience what they want, therefore retaining them and establishing long-term business relations.


Marketers and businesses can leverage multiple benefits from utilizing first party data through live chat features. Most importantly, brands benefit from the unique profile and specialized nature of this data. Over time, you’ll notice a significant reduction in your marketing costs and a marked increase in the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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