March 25, 2023


Have you heard of Jelena Skondric? She’s a successful entrepreneur, marketer, and content creator. But the question on everyone’s mind is, what is Jelena Skondric’s net worth? In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll explore Jelena Skondric’s background, look at her various endeavors, and analyze her net worth in detail.


Jelena Skondric was born and raised in Serbia, where she spent her childhood excelling in her studies. She later moved to Australia to further her education, eventually completing a bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing. Jelena’s professional experience spans over a decade, during which she has worked as a marketing consultant and established businesses in multiple industries. In addition, she’s the founder and CEO of Elevate Digital, a digital marketing agency based in Sydney.

Elevate Digital

Elevate Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides clients with a wide range of services, including social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and content creation. The agency has grown significantly in recent years and is now working with clients globally, ranging from small business owners to international brands.


Jelena Skondric is a successful serial entrepreneur. Her first business venture was a fashion e-commerce store she’s had while studying at University. After a couple of years of running the store, she realized that entrepreneurship is her true passion. Since then, she has founded several businesses in different industries, such as a wedding planning business and a meditation center.

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Content Creation

Apart from running her businesses, Jelena is also a content creator and a social media influencer. She runs her lifestyle blog, ‘Lena around’ where she shares insights about fashion, traveling, and entrepreneurship. With over 400k followers on different social media platforms, she’s known for her fashion sense, beautiful aesthetics and posts featuring the amazing places she visits.

Net Worth Breakdown

Jelena Skondric’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. Her digital marketing agency, Elevate Digital, is her primary source of income. In addition, her successful businesses, including her wedding planning business, have contributed significantly to her total net worth.

Jelena’s social media presence, sponsored content creation, and collaborations with brands have also helped increase her net worth. She has worked with notable brands such as Clinique, Miller & Marc, and Estée Lauder, to name a few.


1) How did Jelena Skondric become successful?
Jelena Skondric became successful through her hard work and dedication to her businesses, particularly her digital marketing agency, Elevate Digital. She also leveraged her social media presence to further build her brand and secure partnerships with major brands such as Clinique and Estée Lauder.

2) Which of Jelena Skondric’s businesses has contributed the most to her net worth?
Jelena Skondric’s digital marketing agency, Elevate Digital, has contributed significantly to her net worth. It is her primary source of income and has helped her expand her business to a global level.

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3) What makes Jelena Skondric stand out from other entrepreneurs in her industry?
Jelena Skondric stands out from other entrepreneurs in her industry because she’s a serial entrepreneur who has successfully established various businesses in different industries. She also differentiates herself by being a content creator and social media influencer, using her successful social media platforms to promote her businesses and partnering with notable brands.

4) What kind of content does Jelena Skondric create on her social media platforms?
Jelena Skondric creates a wide range of content on her social media platforms, including fashion, traveling, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle. Her aesthetic posts of the amazing places she visits as well as her daily insights about all kinds of topics keep her followers engaged and interested.

5) What kind of services does Elevate Digital offer?
Elevate Digital offers a full range of digital marketing services such as social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and content creation. The company provides services to businesses of all sizes and is able to customize its service offerings to the unique needs of its clients.

6) How can Jelena Skondric’s businesses help entrepreneurs?
Jelena Skondric’s businesses, particularly her digital marketing agency, Elevate Digital, can help entrepreneurs by providing them with a range of digital marketing services that can help grow their businesses. In addition, Jelena’s experience can help entrepreneurs avoid common pitfalls and make wise business decisions.

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7) How can I follow Jelena Skondric?
You can follow Jelena Skondric on social media by searching for her platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, where she shares her insights and provides valuable advice on various topics.


In conclusion, Jelena Skondric’s net worth is a result of her successful entrepreneurship ventures, including her digital marketing agency, which is her primary source of income. Her social media presence, sponsored posts, and partnerships with major brands have also helped increase her net worth. Through her hard work and dedication, Jelena has become an inspiration to many entrepreneurs, and we can only expect her to continue to make a difference in the industry.

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