January 22, 2022

Magento has empowered many virtual stores and continues to do so even in 2022. As a result, online retail sales and B2B sales are again swinging early in 2022 with loads of possibilities. As per research, more than 59% of shoppers were shopping and planning to shop through virtual stores in 2022. Hence, as a responsible site owner, you need to offer them a fulfilling yet fascinating experience to ensure they remain your loyal consumers.

You can construct an appealing and engaging virtual store with the help of talented Magento developers London to tap on the new audience section. But, you need to ensure you can offer them a holistic experience with a proper sense of security. You can always trust Pearl Lemon Web, a notable Magento development agency, for this purpose.

Magento experts offer tips on enhancing the consumer experience in e-commerce sites hosted in Magento. Read on to know more-

Enhance the Experience of Mobile Shoppers

One of the topmost priorities is to keep consumers returning to your store. Mobile sales have increased up to 27% in the past years. But, consumers are still not impressed with their experience with mobile shopping. As per seasoned Magento experts, offering good service to smartphone shoppers can dramatically increase conversion rates. It also helps to convert the usual web traffic during the peak season.

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Hence, while choosing a mobile e-commerce site, ensure it is mobile-friendly. For example, try to ensure the product descriptions are readable on a smartphone screen without any need for zooming or screen pinching. Additionally, add more graphical elements, including images, short video reels, to offer better information about your products and services. Besides that, developers also suggest choosing a simple and user-friendly interface for mobile sites.

Compare Browsing with Category Landing Pages

Consumers always prefer a user-friendly e-commerce site with better landing pages. It offers them more straightforward ways to navigate the virtual store as per their interest. Moreover, categorizing your landing page allows you to provide a properly managed inventory of your products or services to the visitors for their convenience. This, in turn, enhances the consumer experience, and consumers feel more comfortable while shopping. You can create categories based on the products you sell—for example, the most-shopped products from your sites or trending services to enhance the consumer experience.

Offer a Welcoming Response

Virtual stores are not much different than physical stores. However, you also have to welcome your audience and consumers to your website to make a good impression and improve the conversion rate. Hence, the virtual store offers a welcoming vibe with top categories featured separately. Besides that, you can also add calls to action buttons or features and other important information like return policies, shipping policies to ensure the consumers understand your sincere service towards them.

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Know Your Consumers with Surveys and Forms

Understanding the expectations of your audience also allows you to enhance the consumer experience for your e-commerce site. For example, you can add a survey button or review form to your site to gather organic information about your audiences. It will allow you to form a better connection with your consumers.


Try to remain consistent throughout the e-commerce site to ensure consumers get a seamless experience whenever they visit your page. With these few ideas and guidance from your development team, you can consistently offer a better shopping experience to each of your consumers throughout the year. 

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