August 23, 2023

The newer presentation tools available on the market today offer advanced functionalities like automation, live outputs, and others that enhance presentation results. Such functionalities greatly improve the technical side of the church and make the service lively.

ProPresenter is among the leading software solutions for worship centers of all sizes, and churches that have not switched to this software solution are missing out on the advantages it brings to their services and visitor experience.

It’s simply a presentation tool that has been designed to enhance live production. As the user interface can be customized, worship centers can enhance their ministry using different styles. Here is why churches need ProPresenter.


1. Live Video Integration

Big churches display live videos as the service continues in the building or during worship services. ProPresenter is by far the best church worship software on the market for churches that want to deliver an immersive experience.

It allows users to connect to several video switches that receive feeds from a camera to a computer and then send the information into the software. Therefore, individuals can display the video feed and overlay graphics like lyrics to a song or sermon notes for their audience to see. With these capabilities, churches can easily live stream their services.

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2. Multi-Screen Support

One of the main advantages of ProPresenter is the ability to display several things during the service. ProPresenter users can generate as many displays as their presentation hardware can allow. As such, individuals can have a main display and other displays like confidence and a live stream running at the same time. This feature allows churches to link several projectors and monitors to the specific display they want to show.

Most importantly, users can auto-generate all these displays. So they won’t have to design each individual slide to suit their needs. Instead, they just instruct the software where the images or lines of text should go in their display type and the software automatically applies the information to all the slides in the service.


3. Quick Editing

With ProPresenter, one can quickly edit their presentations, making it useful for last-minute changes. Users can also edit mid-presentation, which is useful in case one spots a typing error in an upcoming slide or the preacher makes a last-minute edit on their lyrics or slide.

To edit a slide, switch to the “Edit” tab and choose the slide you want to edit. But it’s worth noting that you cannot edit a “live” slide when it’s already on display. You’d have to make changes to the other slide and revert to the new edited slide.

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4. Remote Control

Users can integrate this software into their mobile apps and control it from their mobile devices. ProPresenter Remote app, by Renewed Vision LLC, allows users to control ProPresenter remotely, whether using Android or iOS. But this app doesn’t disable a computer from controlling or editing a presentation, meaning one can alternate between their mobile device and PC during the service.

This feature is particularly helpful if a pastor wants to change the slide without relying on tech volunteers. The technician can still edit the slide while the pastor uses the app. So, if there are typos, they would fix them before they are displayed.


5. Supports Several Languages

Another reason churches need ProPresenter is that it supports multiple languages. As such, users can display sermons in different languages.

One can use the program in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Czech, German, and Norwegian. The program, by default, picks the language a computer operates on, meaning if your operating system isn’t set to a specific language, the software picks English by default.


Upgrade your service with ProPresenter

ProPresenter is one of the near-perfect presentation tools that a church can add to its tech collection. And the good thing is that it doesn’t limit you to a particular church size. So if you’re looking to change the way you present during your service sessions, try ProPresenter today and enjoy the difference that brings!

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