November 30, 2021
jeg empty 27 - Winter Tips: A Guide To A Nice And Toasty Home

Winter is almost upon us and it is time to break out the wooly jackets and blankets. However, with energy prices skyrocketing it is time to rethink your winter heating strategy. Let us check out a few tips to make your home all nice and toasty warm this winter, albeit without breaking the bank

  • Use dark colors in winter and light ones in summer

 It is an established fact that darker fabrics tend to absorb heat while lighter ones reflect it right back. During the winter months, you might consider placing dark rugs and deep-toned cushions all around your home, especially in places that are exposed to the sun, such as below the windows. During the daytime, this dark-colored upholstery and rugs will absorb heat and help keep the room warm at night.

  • Insulation

Make sure that your home is adequately insulated for the coming winter season. You can use double or even triple-pane windows for this purpose since they trap heat in between the panes and keep the area warm. Apart from that, you can also opt for insulated siding for your house. This will help you in decreasing your energy bills while keeping your home all nice and toasty warm.

  • Add plenty of layers to the room
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There is a simple rule of thumb here. The more layers inside the room, the warmer it will become. This is because all of that extra fabric helps to trap the heat and thereby keep your room warm. Carpets, for example, act as a pretty neat cover over a hard stone-cold floor and also provide plenty of warmth for shivering feet, especially very early in the morning. If you have a double layer of carpets then that would be even better. You can use carpets, underlays, and rugs on top to create a perfect warm cushion for your feet. Throw in sofas and cushions on top and it will create a layering effect so that the interior feels both snug as well as comfortable.

  • Use thick curtains

The heat of the sun is always free so might as well make the most of it. Just make sure you have thick curtains that you leave open in the daytime to let the light and heat in during the day to make the best of all this free heat. Once it starts to get dark outside, you should close the curtains so that they act as yet another insulation layer that would help to keep the warmth in your home. Always remember that the thicker the curtain the better it is since it will prevent the heat from leaking out in the night while keeping the cold air outside. Apart from that, your curtain will also help get rid of excess condensation and moisture in the room.

  • Keep your favorite furniture well away from the heat
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It might be tempting to move your favorite rocking chair right or sofa next to the fire, but it would be better to move it away. Furniture can stop the flow of heat all over the room, so you might be warm but the rest of the room will be cold.  You should allow the heat enough space to circulate everywhere.

  • Get a thicker duvet

This is perhaps the best way of keeping warm all through the winter. Get thicker duvets, blankets and quilts for the bed so that you would be able to snuggle into them and keep out the cold. As a bonus, thick duvets can also act as insulators that will absorb the residual heat in the room during the day and let you enjoy it during the night.

  • Get an HVAC for your home

A modern HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) unit can also help keep your home warm and well ventilated throughout winter. You will need state-of-the-art HVAC equipment with low energy requirements for both better air conditioning as well as warmth during winter.


With the help of the right HVAC units and a few other tips and tricks, you can keep your home all nice and warm throughout the winter months.

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