August 20, 2021

Do you suffer from cavities caused by tooth decay? You are not alone. Research reveals that cavities are among the most common dental complications people experience. Luckily, you can achieve optimal dental health with New York aesthetic dental fillings services at East Village Dental Center. Using the latest methods, your compassionate specialists can restore your oral health and maintain your beautiful smile at their state-of-the-art clinic. Call or book your visit online to learn more.

What is an Aesthetic Dental Filling?

A dental filling is a treatment alternative that addresses cavities resulting from tooth decay. Your dentist utilizes a laser, drill, or air abrasion instrument to extract your decayed tooth material in this treatment. The resulting hole is then sealed off with a filling material.

At East Village Dental Center, the providers specialize in aesthetic dental fillings that use composite resin material to treat your cavity. A composite resin material is made from resin and glass particles whose color resembles your tooth enamel. These aesthetic dental fillings preserve the appearance of your smile by merging seamlessly with the rest of your teeth, unlike the silver amalgam fillings used by other dentists.

Definition of Inlays and Outlays

Inlays and onlays refer to restorations that can also address cavities caused by tooth decay. These are solid fillings that your dentist cements onto or into your tooth, protecting its cusps and offering a remedy for your tooth decay. Your dentist may recommend an inlay or onlay when your affected tooth lacks adequate material to support a traditional filling.

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An inlay bond right inside the tips of your tooth, whereas an onlay extends out over the entire chewing surface of your tooth. East Village Dental Center adopts porcelain for their inlays and onlays. Compared to composite resin, porcelain or ceramic is a stronger material and tends to last longer. Its color also resembles your natural tooth enamel.  Thus, your inlay or onlay blends in beautifully with your smile.

Should I Go for an Inlay/Onlay, Crown, or a Dental Filling?

Your ideal fit depends on the condition of your particular tooth and how severe your cavity is. Your East Village Dental Center team works with you to identify the best treatment approach for your unique treatment plan.

Dental fillings can impact the strength of the target tooth by as much as 50%. On the other hand, inlays and onlays can improve your tooth’s strength by close to 75%. The porcelain used in onlays and inlays is also nonporous and does not fade or change color with time. As such, you can be positive your smile will remain aesthetically intact for a long time.

Against dental crowns, inlays and onlays are a more conservative procedure. Hence, your East Village Dental Center specialist may recommend treating your tooth with an inlay or onlay first.

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Bottom Line

With modern inventions in medicine, there is no reason to stop you from realizing a catchy smile. To learn more about the benefits you can accrue from aesthetic dental fillings, do not hesitate to contact East Village Dental Center. Call the office or use the online scheduler to book your appointment.

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