November 27, 2021

Planning a schedule is an essential skill for a modern person. It’s especially needed by students who combine their studies with work or their own business. After all, they also want to have time to meet with friends, play sports, watch fresh videos on YouTube, and, of course, travel.

Yes, it would be a great idea to pick up a car rental Cancun Airport and enjoy a great Mexican weekend. A rental car will allow you to use your travel time efficiently and get more out of your trip. But how to properly allocate time for such a car rental trip, and keep the right balance between work and leisure? No worries! You can use the following time-management applications for this…


It’s important for any student to always have a class schedule at hand. Fortunately, you can easily customize it in the Weeklie app. You can highlight classes with different colors to avoid confusion. You don’t even need to unlock your phone to check your next lesson.

What’s more, the app makes it possible to share the schedule with friends – just send a special code to your classmates. You can also add homework in the application: attach photos of exercises, get reminders, and mark what you have already done.

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In this application, you don’t need to manually enter the class schedule – the schedules of different universities, faculties, and groups are already in Studify. You just register and find your university or institute.

You see the names of the teachers and the numbers of the classrooms in the schedule. As a result, you definitely don’t have to ask your classmates where the next class is. By the way, Studify has a job and internship page, so you can find a way to make money in your spare time.


Productive’s simple and clear interface is perfect for making lists of goals and tasks. In the application, you can add tasks from the proposed categories. For example, in the “Efficiency” category you can choose: “Answer e-mails”, “Do your homework”, and in the category “Hobbies” – “Read”, “Watch a new movie”, or even “Meditate”.

Yes, you can also create tasks yourself and set a time limit for their execution. By the way, you will never forget about an important scheduled event, as Productive has an effective reminder system.


iPlan is a great task scheduling app. It has daily lists, tasks tied to time and date, and even subtasks for making particularly difficult projects. You can pin the main or most urgent matters on the main screen.

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It’s easy to switch between daily, monthly, and weekly tasks in the app and structure your work. You can also attach phone numbers to them so that you don’t forget to call someone.


This application is for those who are used to writing down their thoughts on paper. This is a virtual notebook where you can draw, sketch, add photos, and create text notes. A large selection of drawing tools and extensive editing options allow you to quickly take notes. Paper is great for making plans and visualizing your own ideas directly on your smartphone.

Google Keep

This is another virtual note board where you can jot down your plans, ideas, and thoughts. Google apps are very convenient because they are always ready to synchronize the entire array of your data, for example, mail or general editable documents.

You can share your to-do lists with an unlimited number of people, thus making it much easier and faster to do group assignments and make shopping lists. By the way, Google Keep makes it possible to tie notifications to a geo-location, then it will automatically remind you of an unfulfilled task if you find yourself near a certain location.


It’s an app for lovers of checklists and habit trackers. Sports, reading, listening to business podcasts – if you have been looking for an assistant who can develop good habits for a long time, then Habit is perfect. In addition to convenient, customizable motivating reminders, and a nice interface, the application can build a graph of your habits.

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For example, you can look at the graph of your daily reading in dynamics, and see how much time you spent on this activity over a certain period.

Focus Keeper

Do you often flip through your Instagram feed instead of doing something more important? Focus Keeper helps you focus on your studies or work. The app is based on the principle of concentration called the Pomodoro technique. The idea is to take short breaks of 3-5 minutes every 25 minutes. Just turn on the timer and concentrate fully on your work.


Another app based on the Pomodoro technique. For every 25 minutes of operation, one tree appears in the virtual forest. You need to turn on the timer, and the tree will begin to grow, but once you exit the application, the tree will die. Forest will help you make the world a little better – you can plant a real tree in an African forest for in-game currency!

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