July 9, 2021

Searching for the phrase Website positioning or “Google positioning” etc .. and browsing the web you will find many guides and videos on how to do SEO, and on how to get a high position on Google and in various search engines. But very few of them are able to concretely illustrate what are the first steps to follow for those who have opened a new website online and want to start a good positioning and optimization for their site on search engines. So, here are the first steps to follow to have a good ranking on Google.

Have a good ranking on Google with the right tools

  • Google Analytics – The first step is to create a Google Analytics account, obtain a tracking code / ID, and insert it on your site, thus verifying its ownership. For those who have a site in WordPress, just enter this code in Admin – Theme Options – Webmaster Tools – Site Statistics Tracker.
  • Google Webmasters – The second step is to sign up for the Google Webmasters Tool and connect to your site, validating its ownership. This verifies with Google that the site actually belongs to the owner of the Webmasters account. This excellent tool is among the most effective for positioning a site. For WordPress users, here’s a great video on how to verify your site in Google Webmasters Tools. After verification, within Google Webmasters you can find excellent free seo tools to improve your site and online positioning.
  • Sitemap – Once you have verified your site with Google (which will now find the site in a short time, and not in months, as it would otherwise) it is a good rule for a correct optimization to send a sitemap of the site to Google (i.e. an html index containing useful information for search engines). For those who do not know how to create one, an excellent site that allows you to create sitemaps online in seconds is xml-sitemaps.com. Once created, it can be tested and sent to Google through Google Webmasters.

Earn a good ranking on Google with technical precautions

After having completed the initial steps described above, it would be advisable to register the Site with DMOZ as this directory of websites is taken into consideration by most of the search engines, and allows you to give more reliability to your site and make it more “attractive” for searches and therefore more capable of obtaining or in any case improving its positioning on Google.

Furthermore, if it has not yet been inserted on the site, it is important to insert a favicon (i.e. the icon that represents your brand and is present on every page of the site), as it is considered in the search algorithms and must be taken into account . It is in fact very likely that search engines also use this factor to determine the position of a page in the search results.

Another important element that can improve the positioning of your site on Google is that of image resizing. In fact, it is important to lighten the images of your site, so as to speed up the loading of the pages and be better indexed by search engines within the web. Furthermore, one of the determining factors for the bounce rate (i.e. the bounce rate of users who enter the site and leave it after a few seconds) is its speed (which should be between 0.5 and 2 seconds). A good tool for resizing images is Webresizer.

Another important element are the meta tags: these provide a description of a website, and this is what search engines show in the list of sites relevant to the search. According to some, meta tags are no longer highly determining among the factors that affect a site’s ranking in search engines. However, they can be an excellent tool to make the site more usable to users, allowing to increase, if the description is done well, the rate of users who click on the result. While not relevant, the meta tag therefore helps users identify a site and decide whether it is relevant or not. So here are some tricks to increase visibility on google through meta tags.

How to check the positioning of your site on Google?

There are many other online tools that are useful for checking the actual position and ranking of the site in Google as in other search engines.

It is possible to check your ranking on Google for free with SEO Utility and Tools. These include:

  • SerpRobot – in this case you just have to choose the country of your interest (Google.it for Italy, Google.de for Germany, and so on), write the domain name of the site you want to check the SEO positioning on the search, and enter the keywords to be verified (5 at a time). Once this is done, all that remains is to solve the captcha and click on “check SERP now” to get the results;
  • WhatsMySerp – to check, simply write the domain of the site, the country and the keywords of interest in the appropriate fields. Just press the “Check All” button to check its positioning.
  • SEOZoom – it is a completely Italian suite and helps you to monitor the keywords for which you are positioned. This tool, in fact, will help you understand which are your best keywords, which ones have the most potential and which, on the other hand, are decreasing.
  • SemRush – is a utility that not only monitors the performance of keywords in SERPs, but does much more. It is also a useful tool to identify the keywords for which the competition is positioned, for example.
  • Search Console – is perhaps the most famous of the SEO tools. In addition to a series of other fundamental functions for SEO, this service is also useful to understand thanks to which keywords you get traffic on the website.
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