October 17, 2022

Since ages, gold jewelry has been the staple for women all around the world. Gold jewelry is timeless and gold as a precious metal makes for a great investment in the long run as well. Honestly, gold jewelry will never go out of style as it is so versatile and highly sought after. Especially in India, gold has always been a sort of status symbol and has a significant place among the rituals and traditions of Indian culture.

Although due to this association, gold jewelry has subconsciously seemed to be more traditional and pairing it with modern or formal attire seems to get confusing. But don’t worry, here are a few ways that you can keep using your gold jewelry with some casual pants or even formal shirts.

1.     Gold hoops

The fact that gold hoops can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes and styles makes them one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry that a woman can own. People often claim that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but in reality, gold hoops are what save a girl’s life. Not only can they be worn with any outfit, but the delicate and modest elegance that they exude elevates the overall appearance and takes it to a whole new level. Try wearing them with a sparkly top or a dressy white shirt, and be on the receiving end of compliments all day long.

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2.     Gold nose ring

Nose rings are one such piece of jewelry that has seen the test of time and been a major hit across multiple cultures and generations alike. Gold nose rings have especially been widely popular in Indian culture. With time, these chunky gold rings have evolved into sleeker and more contemporary designs which have become easier to pair with dailywear. A thin gold nose ring would work with almost everything, ranging from dark tops to neutral toned formals and can be worn daily. Pair these with a kurti and some jeans and you have an indo western outfit that’s perfect for college. Check out gold nose ring designs online and take your pick.

3.     Gold bangles

Gone are the days when you had to wear traditional clothes to dorn gold bangles. These days, gold bangles have evolved into chic gold bracelets that can be thrown on along with a watch giving a stunning layered look. This trend has taken the world by storm and now is the perfect time to invest in this stunning accessory. To elevate your look further, pair the watch with multiple bracelets and let your hands catch the attention.

4.     Gold necklace

Gold necklaces have been around as long as any other gold jewelry and go with almost every outfit imaginable. These days, gold necklaces are all the rage among young girls with many different styles trending. Gold necklaces can be worn in various ways, you can pair a simple white shirt with a thin gold chain, layer multiple thin gold necklaces with a dressy party top or even wear something like a gold chunky chain with formals.

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Your gold jewelry doesn’t have to sit on the shelf collecting dust. With these simple suggestions, you can use your gold jewelry in your day to day life and level up your looks.

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