March 15, 2023

How Much is Jim Fernald Worth? Breaking Down the Net Worth of the Successful Entrepreneur

Jim Fernald is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, known for his innovative ideas and business acumen. He has made a name for himself in the business world, but many are curious about how much Jim Fernald is actually worth. In this blog post, we will break down the net worth of Jim Fernald and explore his success story.


Jim Fernald is an entrepreneur, investor, and businessman who has made millions over the years. He is an American citizen who has established many companies and has taken a keen interest in investing in startups. He is known for his part in the success of many companies, and his wealth reflects his successful career in entrepreneurship. We will explore the net worth of Jim Fernald in this blog post.

Early Life

Jim Fernald was born in Maine but grew up in a military family. He moved around quite a bit as a child, living in many different states in the USA. He was always interested in business, and at age 14, he started a car detailing business. He was already making $400-$800 a week before he even graduated high school.

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Career and Success

Jim Fernald began his career in the military, where he contributed to a Top-Secret project for the US Navy for several years. After leaving the military, he obtained a degree in computer science and began working for tech companies. In 1996, he founded his first company, Red Storm Entertainment. The company grew exponentially, and he sold it to Ubisoft for over $40 million in 2000.

After the success of his first company, Jim Fernald went on to found more and invest in others. He founded a number of other successful companies, including TekSystems, Razorfish Studios, and AccuPoint Technologies. He invested in other startups, many of which have gone on to be incredibly successful companies.

Net Worth

Jim Fernald’s net worth is estimated to be around $200 million. His wealth comes from his success as an entrepreneur, investor, and businessman. He has made a fortune through his many successful companies and his keen eye for investing in startups.


Jim Fernald is a keen philanthropist, and he has donated millions to charity over the years. He has also been involved in many education-based philanthropic initiatives, supporting education and helping students to gain access to educational opportunities.

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1. What is Jim Fernald’s net worth?

Jim Fernald’s net worth is estimated to be around $200 million.

2. What is Jim Fernald’s most successful company?

Jim Fernald’s most successful company is Red Storm Entertainment, which he sold to Ubisoft for over $40 million.

3. What is Jim Fernald’s educational background?

Jim Fernald obtained a degree in computer science.

4. How did Jim Fernald get into entrepreneurship?

Jim Fernald started a car detailing business at the age of 14 and continued his entrepreneurial journey from there.

5. Has Jim Fernald donated to charity?

Yes, Jim Fernald is a keen philanthropist and has donated millions to charity over the years.

6. Has Jim Fernald invested in many startups?

Yes, Jim Fernald has invested in many startups, many of which have gone on to become incredibly successful.

7. Where is Jim Fernald from?

Jim Fernald was born in Maine and grew up in a military family, moving around quite a bit during his childhood.


Jim Fernald is an incredibly successful entrepreneur, investor, and businessman with a net worth of around $200 million. He has founded several successful companies and has invested in many other startups, demonstrating his keen business acumen. Despite his massive success, he remains a humble philanthropist, donating millions to charity and supporting education-based philanthropic initiatives.

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