December 27, 2021

Each year, the Institute of Banking Personnel (IBPS) organizes the IBPS Clerk examination to select employees for clerk positions in banks. Every student has their method of preparation for the IBPS clerk exam. Some candidates rely on classes or coaching services, while many choose to study alone the traditional way, by referring to useful books. However, it is advised that you begin your exam preparations at least one year before the exam date. Moreover, you must also adopt a few efficient preparation strategies to ace this exam.

Syllabus for the IBPS Clerk

Following are the subjects included in the syllabus of the IBPS clerk examination:

  • English Language
  • General Awareness
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • Computer Knowledge

Here are a few efficient preparation strategies you can adapt, to ace the IBPS clerk exam within a year:

Create a study plan

To become an IBPS Clerk, candidates should start their preparation at least a year before the actual exam. Try to begin at least 10 months before the exam, even if not a year. Initially, candidates must spend 2-3 hours every day, and then once the exam is as far as 4-5 months away, they may dedicate 5-6 hours per day. Setting aside time to study or prepare methodically is important. Make a study plan and provide enough time for every subject.

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Meet your daily targets

Aspirants are recommended to spread out their subjects evenly to cover all in their hands. If the test is 10 months away, candidates must schedule at least 4 – 6 hours of study time every day, which must be extended as the exam nears. Candidates with strong time management skills and the ability to keep to a strict plan can complete their entire syllabus, allowing adequate time for revisions and mock tests.

Begin with your favourite subject

Candidates can start their preparation by picking a topic in which they shine, but this does not mean they must focus completely on that area. Choosing your preferred subject will help you improve your knowledge of the topic you currently know. Candidates who start with a weak subject would have to find time within their study plan. Hence, additional time is spent on a single subject. Applicants may feel baffled due to a shortage of time.

Solve previous years’ papers

Try to get hold of the IBPS clerk question papers of up to at least ten previous years. Solve them one at a time and record your scores. Try to finish the exam within the duration allowed. This habit will help you understand the difficulty level and pattern of the actual examination and improve your speed. Moreover, some of the questions may be repeated over the years. Hence, if you practice solving the previous years’ papers, you can get acquainted with the questions asked. This strategy will help you solve similar questions faster in the examination.

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Attempt as many mock tests

Online practice tests may be quite helpful while preparing for the IBPS Clerk exam with BYJU’s Exam Prep. To guarantee success, candidates should take as many IBPS Clerk mock exams as possible. This habit will also enable them to put their skills to the test on a live question paper. By mimicking a real test setting, mock exams help applicants enhance their speed and efficiency.

Since the IBPS clerk exam opens doors to a lot of vacancies, the competition is very high. Although the syllabus is not very challenging, simply qualifying for the exam may not help you. You must score high marks to secure a rank on the merit list. Only this accomplishment will enable you to get placed in the prestigious banks across the country.

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