August 6, 2021
On-Demand Service App

The mobile app market is an ocean where people can find different apps for different services. There are a plethora of apps available for people to make their tasks easy. These apps can book their rides, hire their babysitters, order their food, buy products, hire professionals for their home services, hire plumbers and mechanics, and many such services. Actually, the list is too long!

As the saying goes, ‘Bring the world to your toe with the magic of technology’ we could easily get all our work done in a few minutes. The ride-hailing apps and food delivery apps were the pioneers to enter the mobile apps market. Moreover, the online service marketplace is an out-of-the-box concept where people can book their professionals to get their home services done. 

The on-demand service marketplace is an innovative concept, and if you are willing to launch your own platform, then you are marching towards the ongoing trends. You need not have to turn back with this idea as it will definitely be a productive business for you to flourish. 

How have on-demand apps aroused people to get their instant services?

In general, on-demand apps come under the category of providing instant services and deliverables for people. Moreover, these apps act as intermediaries between the service providers and the customers. In addition, the users can compare the price for the services they are looking for from multiple service providers. The customer chooses the best one among them.

In the modern-paced world, we sought simple solutions for our lives. Every household will have its own chores and chaos. Most of the time, we postpone our home-related activities like cleaning, plumbing, furniture assembling after going in vain searching for perfect professionals. Booking an appointment with them is a tedious task. The best part is that when you find assistants, the timings will not match and vice versa. At last, it becomes a pick-a-boo game. 

On-demand service marketplace apps came as a bolt from the blue and helped people find their service professionals through its platform. These apps will also provide a range of services like handyman services, delivery professionals, home cleaners, home painters, security guards, wedding planners, plumbers, etc. 

Top players in the on-demand service marketplace apps 

Home service apps are the life savior for most households these days. In the blink of an eye, people could book professionals for their home services. Be it for a plumber or electrician, with just a few taps; they could hire them. On-demand service marketplace apps like TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, Urban company, and Housejoy are flourishing by providing end-to-end services for people. 

Thumbtack app 

The app was launched in 2008 in the US. At present, the app provides nearly 500 different home services for people. However, people can find a range of services listed from wedding planners, home services, wellness, and handyman services. Professionals can register themselves with the app, and people can find their profiles. They can also hire people who will best suit their needs. 


TaskRabbit is one of the leading on-demand service marketplaces launched in 2008. People who find professionals for their home services are generally called task givers. The taskers are the professionals who complete the tasks assigned by the task providers. In addition, the app provides same-day service for the people. This has captivated a wide user base for the app. It is bridging the gap between the people and professionals. 

How can you start your on-demand service marketplace app?

As millennials, we all are more familiar and comfortable with our smartphones. They make things look simpler than they look. This is the core ideology behind mobile apps. They provide services to people which they can avail themselves through their mobile phones. 

This is the strategy that most entrepreneurs follow for their business. Starting a home service app is no big deal, but planning it is where the actual game starts. The on-demand home service apps have much demand among people as they find it an easier way to get their services. 

You can approach app developers and develop your on-demand service marketplace apps. There are ready-made white-label on-demand service marketplace apps with which you can start your business in no time. 

Salient features to include in your home service app. 

Quick registration 

When you develop your app, make sure to provide simple registration steps for the users. The app can let users register through their email address, phone number, and social media account. 

Browse services 

The app should boost a powerful search option for the users to search their services effortlessly through the app. However, the users can find registered professionals from the app and hire them for their home services. 

Multiple payment options 

The users of the app should feel comfortable using your app. So, it is essential to include more feasible payment options in the app. The app can list a range of options like card payment, net banking, mobile wallets, etc.

Real-time tracking 

When users book their slot with professionals, the app should intimate them about their whereabouts. So, the app should permit them to track their professionals in real-time. 

In-app chat 

The in-app chat should facilitate the users to chat with their professionals in real-time. They can also communicate with them and negotiate their prices and timing. 

Review and ratings 

Encourage your users to share their experiences with you through the app. They can also give the review and ratings for their products and their experiences with the app. 

Wrapping up,

Over the years, people have become more sophisticated with digitization. They started preferring mobile apps to find their service providers. As a result, on-demand service marketplace apps forayed into the market to help people find their home services effortlessly. Once you are strong with your idea to enter the market, cue up your entrepreneurial skills and make a sizzling start.

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