December 9, 2021

Buying the best kitchen utensils ensures cooking the tastiest dishes with no hassles, superb flavours, the right consistency and healthy results. Saucepans are used in every household for various purposes and are necessary for almost every food one prepares. Finding the best saucepan requires several features that might not be available in every product one purchases. These features determine the durability, cost-effectiveness, time needed to prepare food, safety, and many other concerns that one must look into when buying their kitchen supplies.


Here are some of the best features that the companies have developed in recent years for better cooking standards.


Dishwasher friendly:

Studies suggest that one wastes more water while washing dishes manually than using dishwashers. A dishwasher has a set capacity for the dishes it holds.


Invest in a pan that is dishwasher friendly and washable without breakage. Since many saucepans are too large to fit inside a dishwasher, ensure checking the dimensions before purchase. The pan mustn’t be so delicate that it faces damage due to a regular dishwasher.


Aluminium base:

Most pans with aluminium bases are a boon. They conduct heat appropriately and spread it evenly. This feature helps cook the food very fast and not leave any part uncooked. Most utensils have an aluminium layer sandwiched between iron or stainless steel to help heat the food even better.

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One needs to check for this feature to avoid burning, overheating, rotting, and more. Some bases tend to blacken over time and can also burst if overheated. One has to decide with the base they want to invest in. Aluminium is the future!


Ergonomic handles:

Ergonomics are a very modern idea that helps people handle vessels properly. This feature ensures maximum customer safety and transportation of the utensil. Cooking for long hours can be exhausting already. Utensils that are difficult to hold and move can add to it. Most handles and other elements of the utensil can be carefully crafted to avoid any mishaps that can lead to injuries or burns in the kitchen.


These handles have carvings or are engineered in a certain way to accommodate the human hand and lift the weight without much effort. It is a vital feature that is unavoidable.


Glass lids:

A saucepan can come with covers of different materials to help cover the food while cooking and after. Glass lids are perfect if one finds the correct composition. It allows one to see through it and cook better since they can find out the status of the food without lifting the lid. Make sure the cover is not too heavy and has a hole that lets excessive steam out. Some tops can be clipped to the side of the pan itself, which makes them safer to handle and avoids any further mishaps.

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Paint chipping and warping:

Choose the best material that does not warp or change its shape over time. Many cheaper alternatives tend to bend and lose their shape after years of usage. One should check the product’s authenticity to avoid this. The outer material is sometimes painted for an aesthetic look to match with the rest of the utensils. This paint can chip and lose its looks over time. Make sure to buy a pan that has a thick coat and does not chip easily on the application of heat or rough treatment.


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