May 3, 2022

Bedrooms don’t typically have many pieces of furniture due to their relatively small size. Once you get the necessities in there, the bed, dresser, and nightstand, there isn’t room for much more. Those few pieces of furniture have to serve more than one function to make living in the room simple. The dresser is where your clothing and accessories are stored, and it’s the piece most decorated with your personalized items.

The dresser is important in defining the space. A mirror is a practical addition to the dresser as it gives you a place to double-check your look after getting dressed. Mirrors also make setting up the room easier.

When a large dresser sits against an empty wall, the room looks unfinished. An attached mirror adds height to the dresser and fills in the blank space completing the design.

If you prefer your furniture to have a consistent style, a dresser mirror combination is a seamless way to achieve that goal. Many are part of a bedroom set, so you can rest easy knowing everything matches perfectly.

However, if you prefer a more eclectic look and coordinating sets aren’t for you, shop for everything separately. Choose a different mirror than the one that comes with the dresser and shop around for one that complements the dresser’s color, shape, and size.

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A mirror over the dresser makes it ideal for checking your look and adding any accessories before leaving out. Keeping your clothes, jewelry, and mirror for dresser all in one place is a huge time saver. You can complete your look in one place and won’t have to run from room to room getting everything together. It alleviates a lot of chaos in the morning.

Dresser mirrors are a great decorating tool on their own. You don’t need to only use them above dressers. Instead of hanging wall art in the room, use a mirror. If there’s a space above the sofa to fill, place an appropriately sized mirror above the piece.

You may want to think about replacing your bathroom mirror with a dresser mirror. A large sink with a wide countertop will greatly complement the dresser mirror. Find one with a gold, silver, or metal frame to really make the area stand out. Do you have a sideboard in the dining room with space above it that needs to be filled? Add a large dresser mirror.

Are you searching for a creative headboard idea? Place mirrors on the wall above the bed frame, but make sure they aren’t reflecting the moonlight as it will disrupt your sleep.

Mirrors are wonderful for reflecting light so use them wisely in small spaces to make them feel larger. Positioning a mirror opposite a window will enhance the natural light coming into the room. No matter how you choose to use the mirror in your home, it’s important that it reflect your style, so get as creative as you want and make the mirrors work for you.

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